Change in the Weather


"Sailors are especially sensitive to weather changes.  They set their course and adjust their sails to maximize their speed through the water.  I was painting at the south end of Lake Whatcom as a new front moved in from the ocean. The changing atmosphere was as much the subject of the panting as the boat was." signature_white

Daffodil Collage

Mixed-media Collage

"I love daffodils as the herald of spring; bright yellow trumpets announcing the end of winter.  I included the bee because I’m a little afraid of them but also fascinated by their seemingly impossible aerodynamics." signature_white

Fisherman's Dream


"So many local families are connected to the fishing industry. It was only natural I would eventually include a gill netter in a waterscape.  The stark hillsides are symbolic than representational. Everything the fisherman needs is below him in the deep blue ocean."  signature_white

Dawn of the Hot-n-Ready

Mixed Media Collage (2012)

"The orange and black graphics of the pizza box lids got me visualizing bald eagles and the branches they perch upon." 

"What Lies Beneath"

Mixed Media Collage

"Dragonflies are magical.  Iridescent and shimmering, huge and yet so incredibly fragile, they seem aerodynamically impossible.  This original picture is more sparkling in person than any print could reproduce. I allowed myself to play with some of the wonderful Mylar papers that are available." 

Three's A Crowd

Mixed Media Collage (2012)

"I have always been fascinated by roses and often make attempts to reproduce their lovely, complex structure in art. This is my first try using cut-paper collage. The abstract black lace I found, combined with polka dot ribbon needed to become Monarch butterflies.  I hope this picture brings the same joy I felt while creating it!"


Duke of the Ditch

Mixed Media Collage (2011)

"The drake's raucous outburst may send the ducklings scooting for mama, but the other ducks seem unconcerned." 

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Change in the Weather
Daffodil Collage
Fishermans Dream
Dawn of the Hot-n-Ready
What Lies Beneath
Three’s a Crowd
Duke of the Ditch

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