Crossing Fog

"Paddling does not require sunshine. Fog can be fascinating and make familiar places seem other worldly. The sky and the water blend in misty grays characteristic of northwest Washington weather."

Elizabeth Park Fountain

"I love this old ornate fountain with cherubs,( not the ones on bikes.) It's a good wc exercise to paint because the fountain is mostly white. Water can also be tricky to paint. Keep trying."

Berry Canes in Winter

"I love the rhythm of bare raspberry canes in winter. They remind me of rows of bentwood chairs lined up for an outdoor concert: a solo tractor performance."

Dawn of the Hot-n-Ready

"This bald eagle is assembled from pizza box lids and other recycled scrap paper. I could be judged to be unpatriotic for creating this huge icon of America out of trash. Or maybe I'm just making a statement."

Winning Ways

(a Ski-to-Sea perspective)

The Ski-to-Sea Race, in fact the entire weekend, is symbolic of everything that makes Whatcom County a fabulous place to live. So many different athletes to make up a team, all the support people involved; the excitement of competition plus the huge community assistance make this an unforgettable event. As an artist, I became intrigued with the challenge of illustrating the entire race in one picture. This collage shows my imagined eagle-eye view. The cut-paper pieces symbolize the different sports skills represented. And the chunks of color add to the festival feeling of the event.

Flower's for Anne

"As I’ve helped my daughter plan her summer wedding, I’ve been slightly obsessed with her colors: lavender and peach.  They are colors, fragrances, flavors, and objects. On a gray scale, they might be seen as the same value. In art, they represent the cool versus the warm, the push-pull that can catch the eye and make the painting interesting."

Crossing Fog
Berry Canes
The Big Race
Flowers for Anne

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