Mixed Media Collage | (2015)

The vision of a red-winged blackbird flying directly at me was so vivid that I wanted to recreate it here. The dark silhouette with those bright epaulettes was unusual and unique. Instead of pure black, my darks are layers of brights, glazes of multiple colors painted on watercolor paper and then cut into shapes of birds and cattails.

Mixed Media Collage | 2015

Great Blue Heron are not uncommon here. And yet the sight of one always thrills me, especially in flight. Standing in the marshy waters hunting, they are much harder to spot - - for my eyes and for the fish, hoping to avoid the long-legged, long-beaked predator.

Mixed Media Collage | 2015

This collage is the only piece in this collection that has absolutely no watercolor painting in it. The first layers glued to the white paper were the pieces of blue netting that became the “sky”. While executing the rest of the composition, I allowed the edges of reality to disappear between buildings, landscape and sky.

Mixed Media Collage | 2015

Water can be tricky to paint. Why anyone would attempt to collage it out of bits of paper and thread might seem like a useless challenge to some. Apparently, I’m taking on the challenge:  four of these twelve scenes are local seascapes -- one is of a river and the sixth is a swampland. So that makes half of these pieces showing my attempts to collage water.
Redwing Region
Silent Predator
Birds on a Wire
Beautiful Day

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